Writing it Down

That’s where I want to be – on the edge of what’s unfolding, recording the headlines we’re writing in work, community and relationship. The narratives that are moving us and changing us, individually and collectively. The stories on street corners and around café tables, on bus rides and on the Internet.


I also want to be here – reflecting on what history teaches us, reading and re-reading the letters and diary entries left behind. Memorizing the letters from my grandparents. Sharing the stories from generations before us that remain true today as we wrestle with our own big questions.


As a writer and media strategist, I help organizations make an impact on important issues – from public health and education to youth development and cross-generational understanding. I love to partner with organizations who are making a difference in our communities and produce creative work that moves people to learn, care and participate in the good work that’s already happening.


I’m an Enneagram 2 whose top strengths include input, connectedness and strategy. I use my free time to build community with my neighbors and my neighborhood church.

Here is where you’ll find the letters I’m writing about it all — community, change, bravery and beauty in the everyday.

Recently Published Writing

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Ways to think about your daily work in light of the common good

SE2 Communications | February 13, 2018

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Denver Institute for Faith and Work | November 3, 2017

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